elder egbert versus blue part two

Whelp. That's it. I'm outta Paris.

Definitely a bittersweet moment, taking that train up north. But, i'm
now a free man! No more stress of the everyday Paris life. I feel like
I can finally breathe. So yeah, i just got transferred to a tiny
little town called Cherbourg. For those of you that knew him, that's
where my trainer, Elder hurd, came to do his last two transfers as
well haha. Following in papa hurd's footsteps .

It's a great place. Small town, small branch, small people, but I love
it already. It's right on the coast, so we can see the ocean from our
window. There are a lot of two different types of people here : 1)
old, fragile, french men and 2) high schoolers. I don't have any idea
where all the middle agers went, but not to Cherbourg.

My new comp is elder leavitt from vegas. He's fresh from the mtc haha,
and it's been fun to see all the excitement that young missionaries
have. It's made me really reflect on everything that i've learned over
the course of the past two years, which has been really good for me.

Because our branch is so small, on Sunday, we had to teach priesthood,
Sunday school, give a talk, play the piano, and stay for the entirety
of branch council, which consisted of 4 other people. Haha maybe
that's a normal thing, but cherbourg is the first branch that i've
ever served in (wow i'm blessed) and so it was a little bit of a shock
not to see more than 40 people in the sacrament room when we started
the meeting.

Overall, it's a great place. I love it here. And i'm stoked to be able
to finish my mission here.

One last thing: we taught the lesson 8 from teachings of Gordon b
hinckley. If you haven't read that chapter, I would strongly encourage
you to.  It talks about turning towards Christ. And during this Easter
season, it was an awesome lesson to study.

I hope you all have a great week:).


- Elder Egbert


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