elder egbert versus the end of an era

Well, there goes another one. I honestly don't believe how fast the
transfers are flying by now. It feels kinda like a dream.

But in real talk, this week was definitely one for the record books.
What an awesome week to finish my time in Antony. For starters, we had
a couple awesome finding days with the tours district. Those guys are
great. And then on Saturday we had the whole zone come in for our
finding day in our sector. Which finally gave Currie and I a solid
chance to go out and find a bunch of people. #muchneeded

Sunday, Elder bishop and I went and taught the primary kids for about
20ish minutes. Oh my gosh all it did was reaffirm how much I want to
be a primary teacher when I get home. I loved it. They asked such
funny questions. I miss being a kid. Definitely a highlight of the
week. And our recent convert told us that he's planning on getting
married to his girlfriend soon, and in a year, they'll be sealed in
the temple. Gotta love them eternal companionships. Jessie is so

And then, since it's the end of the transfer, a lot of goodbyes were
said which always kinda sucks. I've made so many friends in Antony and
leaving makes me sad. Or even them going home (S/O to Sr Corneta)
which is even weirder. Gosh the missions weird. I could talk about it
for ages. But I won't, don't worry.

Anyway, remember to wash your hair at least twice a week, clean under
your fingernails and in between your toes. Love you all

Love and bisous

- Elder Egbert


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