elder egbert versus the faith builders

Just a heads up, there're no pictures at the end of this email.

This week was an interesting one:). I had my faith and patience tried
over and over again. But god is great; he knew I needed it.

One small experience that happened this week, we were in Caen for
district meeting and on our way home this Scottish guy came up to us
and started asking us a lot of questions. However we had a train to
catch, so I told him that if he still had questions, he could call our
friends in Caen and they would love to talk to him.
To which he replied that he would be more than happy to walk with us
to the train station. And then in clicked all of the sudden. This guy
totally wanted to bash. Well.. I let him haha. We were walking and
then he started asking more pressing questions about our personal
faith. I waited long enough and then finally I stopped him, and
standing on the side of he road, I looked him in his eyes and let him
have it. Oh boy, it had been a while since I spat fire like that.
#abinadistatus. After calling down the powers of heaven, he looked at
me and asked me another question.
Guy: "so you actually believe all of that?"
Me : "I have never been more certain of anything in my entire life"
Guy: "..."
Me: "now please excuse us, we have to go catch our train"

Then we left.
And then we missed our train. Lol

I know that bashing with people is bad, so i'm gonna call that crying
repentance:). And when you cry repentance, he spirit is there. And
during that conversation, the spirit was definitely there. Even though
we were on a super busy street surrounded by loud french people, it
was almost tangible. What an incredible experience.

It's in moments like that when you ask yourself "do I actually believe
all this?"  But when you respond positively, god truly does testify
again and again that it's all true. All of it.

Thanks for sticking with me:).


- Elder Egbert


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