elder egbert versus the strep throated pink eyed companion

General conference was INCREDIBLE!!! Wow i love Conference on the
mission so much. I don't know why, but i've gotten so much more out of
the last four conferences than i did for the 18 years before. Peter
Priesthood moment : what a blessing it is to have such awesome men and
women leading the church. You can honestly tell, just by listening to
the way they address everyone that they have been called of God.
Nothing you didn't know before...

But yeah, Currie has been pretty sick the last two weeks and so i've
been having to go in a lot of exchanges just to see our investigators.
And when nobody is available to go on splits, well.... life gets hard
sometimes. Haha and i'm pretty sure he succeeded in getting out entire
zone sick. Woot go Currie. Hes feeling a lot better this week, so that
should improve things a ton.

What else happened this week?
We had zone conf and interviews with prez
Caroline is FINALLY showing some sort of potential
Pdays in Orléans for lyyyyfe #bouncyboune
Bible bashes are still unproductive
We were 4 gens away.

I can't believe this transfer is already almost over. Where does life
go? Who knows...

Have a wonderful week everyone. O peuple, Dieu t'aime.
Peace and blessings.

- Elder Egbert


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