elder egbert versus week 15.5

Oh la la what a week at has been.

We had a lot of rdvs fall through, it the people that we were able to
see are doing awesome!
We went to the beach with Sarah and her dog and played with them for a
while. That was a good trip, and she is progressing nicely. She hasn't
come to church the last couple weeks, which is worrying us a little
bit but she is resolving things in her life that have been causing her
a lot of grief.
Our two Nigerians tobi and tolu are doing super well. Classic
Nigerians, they're so ready to be baptized. It's awesome to see how
much they love Christ. We pushed their date back a week because of the
temple dedication next week, but they're still very on track to being

On Wednesday night, we went into Paris for elder leavitts legality,
and we were able to stay the night with the Antony elders. Elder
bishop and I went running the next morning to one of my favorite
places on earth, parc de sceaux, and we just had a good long chat.
About life. It was awesome. Love that guy. We both decided that time
is running out, and there are so many mixed emotions running through
our brains haha.

I've been doing a lot of thinking recently about personal preparation,
for the temple, for the mission, for the post mission life, etc.
Practically everything in our lives requires preparation on our part.
There's a scripture I read this week, in Alma that says
"For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God;
yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their

It's interesting how he uses the word "day" in referring to our life.
The mission is the same way, it may seem like a long time while we're
looking down the tunnel or while we are living it, but looking back,
i've realized how little time I actually had to be here. Luckily my
time's not up yet, and for that I am grateful, but it's coming to a
close. I thank god for this mission. He is great and I wouldn't have
had it any other way.


- Elder Egbert


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