elder egbert versus life alert

This week as we were going to give an older lady the sacrament, we
walked into her apartment, and we heard from the next room,


Which is the literal equivalent of


As she was coming to open the door for us (which was bizarre, because
we normally just walk in anyway) she fell out of her chair and because
of her paralyzed legs, she wasn’t able to climb back into her chair.
Missionaries : 1
Life Alert : 0

Other than that, we had a pretty exciting week. While we were on
exchanges, Walton, Molinari and i found a suuuper sweet congolais
named Franck. He was super cool and we should be seeing him this
We finally made it to the giant submarine that is situated about 10
minutes from our apartment. It only took us 11 weeks to do it.
We had zone conference, it was good to see a bunch of homies from the
zone. It was also Président babin’s last formation because he goes
home at the end of the transfer… there’s just been a lot of ‘lasts’
recently, which is starting to make me really sad.
The weather is finally heating up. I don’t know which i like better,
super windy and rainy, or super hot and humid. I’ll take neither,
thank you. Haha psych, you get BOTH OF THEM!
Tobi and tolu both passed their baptismal interview, and so they will
both be baptized this saturday. Pretty exciting stuff!

We also got the chance to teach the plan of salvation on three
separate occasions this week (which may not sound very impressive…
sorry) but it was really really touching to see how much peace the
knowledge that our existence doesnt end at our death brings to people.
I love teaching. And answering questions. It’s inspiring.

God is great and france is cool. Amen.

– Elder Egbert




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