elder egbert versus the trio

Probably the last thing in the world i wanted to do on my mission was
be in a trio... i'm pretty sure god has a pretty good sense of humor.
Because leavitt and i just acquired a third party in our companionship
named elder thelemaque.  He's from Quebec and he's pretty cool. Got
Haitian roots.

Lol just kidding, being in a trio isn't that bad.  It's actually kinda
fun.  It makes teaching and finding a lot more difficult, but it's
fine nonetheless. Usually, we just split contact anyway, so it's been
good for us.  The only problem was that our apartment is only made for
two missionaries so that means that one of us had to bite the bullet
and sleep on the floor and use the large table as a desk/dresser.  In
any case, i'm leaving here soon so i don't need it anyway haha.

Thelemaque is cool though.  He is pretty quiet but suuuper funny once
you get him talking.  And a really good teacher.

Other than that, we were able to see a bunch of our people this week.
We had found a couple new amis the other week, and we were finally
able to see them again.  Serge and Laura.  Laura is french and doesn't
believe in god and serge wanted us to help her to find faith.  Serge
also invited his brother to come to our lesson haha, so it was a
pretty intense rdv.  3 on 3.  But the spirit was so strong, and i know
that they all felt it.  God is great, and i don't even care that i
don't understand how he works with some people.  Because it works. So
i can't complain.

The branch struggled a bit this week.  We hit an all time low in
church attendance lol.  Which is saying something.  But we sail on.

And the plot thickens....

- Elder Egbert



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