elder egbert versus the week of all weeks

Oh boy what a week it has been.

We were able to participate this weekend in the dedication of the
Paris temple. It was probably one of the coolest experiences that i’ve
had on my mission until now. Which is saying something because i’ve
been here a while lol.

During the actual ceremony, local and general church leaders were able
to get up and speak, share thoughts and feelings about the temple and
its importance. President Eyring spoke in the last session of the
dedication and many of his words hit me really hard. I don’t think he
said anything that blew my mind or that I didn’t already know, but he
just brought to light certain things that I hadn’t thought of or had

What a blessing it is for the french people to now have a temple in
their own country. 20 years ago, president hinckley promised during a
stake conference that the time had come for France to have a temple.
And FINALLY it’s here! After a trillion and a half prayers, the pieces
all finally came together. I wish you could see it, it’s beautiful.

Life is good here, I have no complaints:)

God bless the kingdom of France.

– Elder Egbert




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