elder egbert versus yoshido

I was thinking about not writing this email, but Elder Bishop told me
I had to.  So voila.  You're welcome bishop.  (And everyone else who
actually reads this lol)

Last week, we were making calls out of our area book, when we came
across a man named Yoshido.  He's OBVIOUSLY from some part of Asia
(which was kind of racist of us to think that...) so we called him.
And sure enough, he spoke french with a suuuper thick Japanese accent.
After wading through all the language barriers, we fixed a rdv and got
his address.

Then this past week, we were about to leave to go to his house, when
we double checked his address on our map.  And thats when we noticed
that this man lived in the literal middle of NOWHERE.  On top of the
hill.  Because in cherbourg, the city is split up in two different
sectors.  Cherbourg and octeville. The only difference is that
octeville consists of all the houses up on the top of the hill.  But
sadly, someone is an idiot (that someone is me) and forgot his bus
pass at the apartment.  So we walked. Up a mountain.  To see this
Japanese man.

After about 45 minutes of walking, we show up at his house 30 minutes
late, but he still shows us graciously into his home.  I think i
started to think something was up when i was the massage table in the
middle of the living room and sure enough, when we sat down on the
sofa, he handed us all a business card that said.

Yoshido *insert last name here*
Japanese Relaxation
With his phone number and address.

When we explained who we were and what we did he replied by saying

"Oh 'MESSAGE'!  I thought you said MASSAGE!"

He ended up not being interested after all.

And that was the day that we nearly got a 60 minute massage from a old
Japanese man that spoke almost no french.

Other than that, the week was as crazy as usual, but nothing else
comes to mind as i write this email....

Except that while i was getting ready this morning, i came to a great
realization.  It was something i always knew, but i don't think i ever
really understood it.  I never realized how lucky i was to be born
into this gospel.  So few people know about the fullness of the gospel
and i had the privilege to be plopped down right in the middle of it
with my amazing family.  That being said, how selfish would it be of
me to NOT share that message with other people even after i take off
the nametag.  ESPECIALLY after i take off the nametag.  I think it's
somthing that we should all reflect on a little bit more.

I love it here so much!  This country and all the weird aspects of it
will always be a part of me.  I'm gonna miss all of these grumpy
frenchies will all of my heart.  God bless them.

- Elder Egbert




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