about elder egbert

hi all!

my name is ryan ross egbert.  i’m a young missionary for the church of jesus christ of latter day saints.  i will be spending the next two years of my life serving in the lds france paris mission.

all around the world, missionaries like me travel across the globe and teach people about the restored gospel of jesus christ.  the goal of us missionaries is to bring further light into people’s lives, specifically the light of christ.  it is through jesus christ that we can all be granted exaltation and eternal life.  we bring a message of joy, of families, of hope.  everything we do is to help others to see the light, and bring them to it.

i love the gospel.  i have, through personal experience, come to know christ and his undying love for each and every one of God’s children.  my hope, is that i will be able to make a difference in these people’s lives and that one day, everyone will see that jesus christ truly is their savior and that through him, we can all become clean.

so here is me, peacing out for a while.  utah, i’ll see you in 2 short years.  i love you all.


One thought on “about elder egbert

  1. hi am brother kenneth ouma from kenya kitengela and i can rember u r the one who made me to know God and come more closer to Him.Lets Gods grace be with us and u also mentain tha spirit to serve God and Jesus as our seviour so that we remember each other forever and forever i love u Elder Egbert u r my beloved brother so i wish u happy life if u go back to utar rem me my familly i also all do the same GOD be with u brother AMEN.i think u still rem my no 0727006159 Kenneth ouma &my wife Fellistus munani my beloved doughters Merium & Daicy ouma.


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